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Last Season for a Favorite

The last season of True Blood is coming up this summer. I, of course, have some mixed feelings. I have watched this show since the first episode aired. This will be the first time I have followed a show in real time from beginning to end. I assume this will also be said of Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones. But not quite yet!

True Blood has seen some serious up’s and down’s over the years. I remember times when I couldn’t get enough, and times when I thought I would pull my hair out with how off-the-rails ridiculous the story became. Nonetheless, I have never stopped watching. No matter where the story went, I was already in love with so many of the characters.

La La will forever be one of the most fabulous representations of a strong, gay character on television. He may be the most endearing person on the show for me, simply because he never loses sight of who he is. I love consistency in a character, and he delivers it.

Bill is definitely my least favorite at this point…which I hope will change in this last season. The writers turned this character from being the number one good guy to the ultimate evil. That being said, I love when writers take risks. I love it when they do something utterly unexpected. Thus, I was rooting for the angle. However, there are good bad people and bad bad people. Take Eric for example. I don’t know one person watching the show that has ever fully hated Eric. You can’t! He’s such a complex character. That’s where the writing went wrong on this one. Bill became as simple as can be. He no longer wanted anything but total power via some ancient vampire’s blood. You couldn’t feel for him anymore.

If any episode starts to paint Eric like a bad guy, there is always something that the writers throw in to remind you that he is a victim of several circumstances. I love that. Don’t make it so easy on the viewer. Make them feel real emotion when you kill a bad guy or a good guy. That drives the show!

Either way, I have high hopes for the final season. I will be watching every Sunday at 9:00, religiously. Whether the show crashes and burns or ends on a high note, well, that’s for the writers to decide.