Live Tweeting Reflection

I live tweeted an event for the first time in my life on election night. In short, I loved it. In a bit longer fashion, I was very surprised at how exciting it can be to get information out before anyone else. I almost exceeded my tweet minimum within an hour or two of tweeting. After that, I slowed down. I watched more carefully, and tried to pick out the important information.

However, just like in any form of communication, the audience must be kept entertained. It is terribly easy for your 140 character tweets to slowly slip into monotony if you do not add some interactivity.

I started posting photos of student organizations preparing for election night. Then, I posted more photos of what my friends and I were doing at our own self-proclaimed election party. These tweets were interspersed with quotes from students and any breaking details on the polls.

This brings me to the troubles of live tweeting. Any so-called breaking information may or may not be entirely true. As much as I loved tweeting information just as soon as it was aired on television or the web, not every piece of news you hear should be then re-posted on social media sites until it has been fact checked. My friends and I were very interested in this as three different websites read different poll results for states around the country.

Overall, it was a great experience. I never take the time to engage in live tweeting when I watch an event. I would like to say that I absorb the moment more than report it, but there have been times I have looked back and wished I had documented something more. Whether through photography, live tweeting, or any other form of documentation you must remember that accuracy is of the highest importance.

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