Surreal Photography

These are my favorite photos so far. I am really excited about how these came out. Since I wanted to use all original material, I merged my street photography shots that I took earlier in the year to make something completely different. It was really great to get to use all the Photoshop skills we have been learning throughout the year. As you can see, I leaned towards manipulating blending modes and opacity to create the surreal look in my photos. Let me know what you think!

All photos were taken with a Nikon D90 camera.

School of Communications Logo

And here is my lovely logo idea for the Elon University School of Communications Department. The school is currently looking for a new logo, and I wanted to give it a fresh look. Without choosing one particular sect of communications, I chose to use the basic “communication” symbol around the word communication. Let me know what you think!

Winter Term Logo

This is my entry for the Winter Term Logo competition at Elon University. The logo and tagline is meant to invite and appreciate diversity. My tagline of Learn, Explore, Discover is meant to encourage students to get outside of the college bubble and see how life exists in the world abroad.

My First Mashup

This is a mashup video I made of my DMC class’ responses to Jonathan Rosenberg’s speech at Elon University. This project taught me a lot about how easy it is to manipulate (for better or for worse) people’s words. When you post your opinions on the internet, it is available for everyone to see. It truly opened my eyes to just how easy it was for me to mashup everyone’s words in accordance with what I wanted them to say.

Stop Motion Project

Our next assignment for DMC class is a stop motion animation piece. Stop motion is a video comprised of many individual photographs or still images. This will be a great chance to blend our current photography and editing skills. I’m extremely excited to start work, but every creative process starts with visual inspiration. So, I have posted two stop motion videos that I have found particularly interesting. I hope these videos will help foster my own creative thinking in my video soon to come.

The first video is a personal favorite example of stop motion animation. I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with it already. The second video is one I have only recently come across. It shows how stop motion animation can be utilized to make a larger piece of art such as a music video.