Biscuitville Greatness

Our latest DMC project was to construct a brand new biscuit idea for Biscuitville. Of course, being of southern bias, I always want to eat the most fattening, carb-filled type of biscuit possible. Thus, I decided on a sweet, dessert style biscuit for my entry. The Burney’s Banana Biscuit consisits of strawberry jam, fresh banana slices, honey drizzle, and sugar granules baked into the top of the biscuit. I really think this idea of biscuit will add a new spin on an well known classic. I also think this will give Biscuitville’s menu a fresh, new item to attract a fresh, new crowd.

I suppose we will know in a couple weeks if others enjoy my biscuit idea as much as I do. Stay tuned to see if the Burney’s Banana Biscuit gets added to the menus at local Biscuitvilles soon.

Feel free to check out more about the competition here.

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