Big Bang Revisited

The text movement in The Big Bang Theory is essential to the overall theme of the show. The opening sequence is especially indicative of this as the first portion of text moves as a historical timeline. This timeline, along with the theme song, explains in a funny, happy-go-lucky way how the earth has evolved to the current time of the show. There are a couple texts within the opening images that should be noted as well. The Declaration of Independence, a Hollywood sign, and an E=MC2 can all be seen flying by. These texts appear to be moving at extremely fast speeds as the song and timeline also increase speed. Next, the sequence ends with the title of the show finally “exploding” off the screen much like a “big bang” would. The title dissolves into the creators names which are written in a simple type font against a black background.

You can watch the opening sequence via the video posted below.

Street Photography

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Our most recent DMC project forced us outside of our comfort zones to take photos of the human condition. With this assignment, we really had to put our skill sets to the test. Trying to capture a moment in time was much more difficult than I thought it would be. ¬†However, I believe I have grown a lot as a photographer after this project. I learned a lot about Nikon cameras, the city of Durham, and just how close you can take someone’s photo without them calling the police.

Above are my ten best photos with a couple more of my favorites thrown in.

Biscuitville Greatness

Our latest DMC project was to construct a brand new biscuit idea for Biscuitville. Of course, being of southern bias, I always want to eat the most fattening, carb-filled type of biscuit possible. Thus, I decided on a sweet, dessert style biscuit for my entry. The Burney’s Banana Biscuit consisits of strawberry jam, fresh banana slices, honey drizzle, and sugar granules baked into the top of the biscuit. I really think this idea of biscuit will add a new spin on an well known classic. I also think this will give Biscuitville’s menu a fresh, new item to attract a fresh, new crowd.

I suppose we will know in a couple weeks if others enjoy my biscuit idea as much as I do. Stay tuned to see if the Burney’s Banana Biscuit gets added to the menus at local Biscuitvilles soon.

Feel free to check out more about the competition here.