My Own Adventures with Photoshop

As I continue learning several different ways to utilize the powerful tool that is Photoshop, I have one recent example of my work that I am quite proud to show.

This photo was taken in McCrary Theatre on Elon University’s campus. My friend and I were buying tickets to a musical when I spotted this bell on the counter in front of me. The lighting was so beautiful that I simply had to take a photo of it. Little did I know at the time, but what I was actaully capturing was “golden hour” lighting.

I did not do an extreme amount of editing to this photo. I simply used the burn and dodge tools to add depth to the reflection in the bell. I also burned the timestamp that can still be slightly seen in the lower right hand corner. Lastly, I adjusted the gray levels to give the image a nicer color. Overall, I ended up with a photo that is clearer, crisper, and more professional looking.

I am very proud to say that in this instance, Photoshop’s power was used for good.

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