The Big Bang Theory

No, I’m not talking about earth sciences. I’m actually talking about a comedy show that airs every Thursday at 8/7 central on CBS. The Big Bang Theory is a 30 minute scripted comedy guaranteed to keep you laughing. The show follows four physicists who live in an urban apartment. When one scientist, Leonard, falls in love with a girl from across the hall, Penny, many more opportunities open up for the young physicists. The show follows the group on their many misadventures as Leonard and Penny’s relationship grows closer.

I personally love following this show as it never fails to keep me thoroughly entertained. If you cannot catch The Big Bang Theory on CBS, you can always watch full episodes with very limited commercials on the CBS website at this link here… This is extremely convenient to me as a college student, because goodness knows when I will actually have time to sit down and watch a television show. However, I can assure you it would not be every Thursday at 8:00. So, I very much appreciate the readiness of full episodes located right on the CBS website.

Another aspect of this show I find particularly interesting is that one cast member, Kunal Nayyar live tweets every east coast airing of the show. I find that the show is really trying to incorporate more social media into its episodes. This fits really well with the genre of the show as well since science and technology are a consistent topic. So, in  a nutshell, you have interesting characters, intellectual comedy, and social media interactivity. What more could you ask for? In my opinion, this is definitely a show worth checking out.

My Own Adventures with Photoshop

As I continue learning several different ways to utilize the powerful tool that is Photoshop, I have one recent example of my work that I am quite proud to show.

This photo was taken in McCrary Theatre on Elon University’s campus. My friend and I were buying tickets to a musical when I spotted this bell on the counter in front of me. The lighting was so beautiful that I simply had to take a photo of it. Little did I know at the time, but what I was actaully capturing was “golden hour” lighting.

I did not do an extreme amount of editing to this photo. I simply used the burn and dodge tools to add depth to the reflection in the bell. I also burned the timestamp that can still be slightly seen in the lower right hand corner. Lastly, I adjusted the gray levels to give the image a nicer color. Overall, I ended up with a photo that is clearer, crisper, and more professional looking.

I am very proud to say that in this instance, Photoshop’s power was used for good.

Wet Dreams and False Images

Someone somewhere once said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If this is true, then a Photo shopped picture must be worth millions. Photographs can be manipulated at the pixel level with Photoshop. Especially in a media-driven society, it is often difficult to discern what is real and what has been digitally altered.

In my last Digital Media Convergence class, I was introduced to the intricate world of photography and the even more complex world of Photoshop. A documentary entitled “Wet Dreams and False Images” shows one very common way we are deceived by photo manipulation.

Women’s images are being Photo shopped into oblivion. In essence, we as a society are portraying very skewed views of what beauty truly is. What I find most interesting about this documentary is the interview with the man who retouches these photos. He himself understands the consequences of his field of work. He does not once deny that what he is doing is having a negative impact on today’s youth.

However, the documentary does show that if people were more educated about the media they were receiving, they may understand the difference between a real person’s body and a digitally altered one. This ends the film on a rather hopeful note for both the documenter and the audience.  

Erryday I’m Photoshoppin’

Though it is very true that Photoshop has several if not countless downsides to it concerning digital manipulation, its power can also be used for good.

Look how totally cool this is! Granted, I am not entirely sure how this one image is benefiting the world. Yet, there is something to be said about the fact that we now have so much creative freedom when it comes to photography. Not only can we Photo shop a better, color corrected, more interesting photo, but we can create an image that did not exist before. It is simply amazing to me.

And to reinforce this point, here is a link to some more Photo shopped images that truly astound me.