My Most Memorable Theater Experience

I feel that everyone in my tech. production class has fond memories surrounding the theater, and I do as well. However, if I was asked to choose just one memory to speak about, I would explain the first Broadway show I ever went to see.

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying was a show not to be forgotten. I know I mentioned this show before in my first blog, but I would like to specifically elaborate on this how this experience influenced  my overall love for the theater.

It all started when I entered an essay writing contest sponsored by the United Nations for a free trip to New York City. About two weeks after entering, I found out that I was the lucky winner. Of course, I was excited simply by the fact that I was finally going to New York City, a place I had never had the chance to visit before. You can only begin to fathom my excitement when I was told that a Broadway show would be on the weekend itinerary. And if you thought I was “shivering with antici…..pation” at this thought, (yes, I did just quote Rocky Horror) I was completely bowled over when I realized what show we were actually going to see. How to Succeed was a show that I had only read about in newspaper and online reviews. Being a huge fan of Daniel Radcliffe’s cinema based work, I was extremely curious as to just how well he acted on a theatrical stage.

He and the rest of the cast were phenomenal. In fact, the whole Broadway experience is phenomenal. Witnessing a Broadway play is something that everyone should have the opportunity to experience at least once in their lives. I know that for me it was not only my most memorable theater experience, but one of my most memorable life experiences. I could not believe the amount of hard work and sheer talent that went into the creation of a Broadway production until I witnessed it for myself.

Further, to better explain one of the greatest parts of Broadway, I’ll relate back to a Communications student’s terms. In cinema, we learn that there is nothing quite like the group experience. Watching a film on the silver screen of a movie theater, surrounded by a large group of people enhances your overall experience. When others are around you, sharing your emotions, sharing your reactions, you become immersed in another world. You become a part of the journey that the movie set out to take you on. This is the same for Broadway. Broadway is the big, silver screen of the theater world. In New York City, I was surrounded by people who had all come to do one thing: enjoy an amazing show. My own reactions were echoed by at least five people in every direction of me. The only perk of Broadway over cinema is that the show you’re watching on Broadway is live. The show is raw and real. There are no “do-overs” in the theater world.

So, in closing, I would just like to reiterate how fantastic of an experience it was to watch How to Succeed on Broadway. I will never forget sitting down in that New York City theater seat preparing for the show. I remember laughing, crying, and just feeling a massive amount of emotions throughout the play. My expectations of a Broadway show were far exceeded in the fact that I was consistently emotionally moved. I’ve watched movies on far more serious topics that were not able to evoke the emotions that a humorous Broadway show could. It merely goes to show how talented every working member of a theatrical production must be in order to produce a masterpiece on stage.

I will truly never forget my first Broadway theater experience, and I only hope that I will have another chance in the future to go back again.

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