Times They Are a Changin’

As my journey through Tech Production in Theater progresses, I realize that my perspective on technical design and production has been changed a bit.

I have learned numerous new facts about the theater industry in only a short amount of time. There is so much hard work and sheer, pure talent that goes into the designing and producing of a theatrical venture. People are literally slaving behind the scenes to make sure the show goes off without a hitch. This new idea fascinates me. Of course, I always knew that there were many more individuals to thank for a fabulous show besides just the lovely faces you see singing show tunes on the forefront of the stage. I did not, however, know how much skill these “unsung heroes” truly possess.

http://rickyleepotts.com/2011/03/beef-boards-dinner-theatre-a-hair-raising-experience.html This link speaks about the production Hairspray and how Dan Benslay planned out his wig designs for this show a year in advance. Further, he spent a full month designing, crafting, and carefully constructing each wig. What made this show such an undertaking, was that 51 wigs had to be created for the show. Also, “Some people play multiple characters,” [Dan] explained. “I wanted them to look very different each time they came out on stage as another character.” Thus, each wig had to have a style of its own. Wig making is a skill for the outrageously talented and unusually patient. Neither of these characteristics can be found within me, nor any other person I am familiar with. It’s a rare ability that many people simply don’t have.

I’m ending this blog short so that you all won’t fall asleep while reading. However, I’d like to leave you with a video clip that actually happened right here at the ‘Ol Elon University. It touches on yet another aspect of production that I am thoroughly fascinated with: costume design. Check it out!

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